Twickenham’s Chuba Rasa, which boasts authentic Malaysian cooking and a healthy 4.5 rating on TripAdvisor, is run by Susan, who tells us her dream is to provide a healthy alternative to home-cooked food.

Chuba Rasa translates to “have a taste”, and that is exactly what we were able to do, as Susan had prepared a choice selection of her signature dishes.

We began our meal with the rojak, an eclectic mix of fruit and salad made of tofu, cucumber and pineapple mixed with a spicy, tangy and sweet sauce made with tamarind and palm sugar before moving on to the savoury plates, which included Spanish mackerel fish curry, nasi goreng kampong, beef rendang and lamb parattal.

Richmond and Twickenham Times:

Spanish mackerel fish curry: Powerful

Susan is proud of the fact she makes her own pastes and sauces to provide a home-cooked feel to her food. This approach was certainly evident in the food, especially the mackerel fish curry, which certainly had a kick to it but was flavoursome and different at the same time.

The beef rendang, slow-cooked beef in a lemongrass and coconut sauce, was delicious, while the lamb parattal, a dry lamb curry, was fresh and succulent with a delightful mix of spices.

Chuba Rasa is a homely and comfortable setting in Twickenham’s Heath Road, and we could honestly have not asked for a friendlier and more hospitable host.

The restaurant offers combination meals of rice, paratta or chappati with a meat option for less than £10 and certainly provides the authentic Malaysian dining experience.