A proper steak meal in a proper Richmond pub is all anyone could ask for on a chilly January evening.

While I am far from an experienced food reviewer, I know top notch pub grub when I taste it and that is exactly what the Railway Tavern delivered.

It opened in November, on the site of the former O'Neills in the Quadrant, close to the station. Upon being asked to review it, I began to peruse the varied menu.

There were some cracking choices to select from but in the end I plumped for the slow-braised pork belly - but it was the only meal not available that night so I ended up with the ribeye steak.

Everything happens for a reason and this 21 day-old succulent beef beauty was a pleasure to consume, but more of that in a bit.

I started with a basket of fish - cod, standard and just what the doctor ordered, scampi, once again an absolute joy and then, in a new experience for me, calamari, which was the weakest of the three sea snacks but still decent.

Then on to the main - I have to confess, I cheated a bit by visiting the pub earlier in the week to try its gammon and egg, which was well worth the £9.50 price tag.

On this occasion, I chose the steak - medium well - and chips, a fine choice and done just to my liking - juicy, tasty, just an all-round great steak.

For dessert, I had the warm chocolate brownie and ice cream which I would recommend to any patrons in this warm Richmond boozer.

A success as far as I am concerned and I will certainly return in the future.