Now I am the last journalist you would ask to review a newly-refurbished restaurant.

My friends and colleagues are forever ribbing me over my so-called fussy eating - no gravy on roast dinners, no curries, no garlic, no onions - standards, I say.

But when Loch Fyne Seafood and Grill Twickenham offered me the chance to test its renovated dining space, I thought why not?

Before settling down for starters, I messaged a friend saying "I'm doing a food review".

"This will be the worst food review ever lol", came the reply moments later.

So, starters. Now there was not much on the menu that captured my imagination - though I am aware for seafood fans out there, Loch Fyne offer an array of wonderful choices. I had never had most of them.

"Salmon," I said. "My mum used to put that in my sandwiches."

This was not the salmon I remembered and, beyond cooing over the dramatic effect of the cloche revealing a smoked specimen, it did not agree with me.

Never mind, I had a crack, on to the main please.

Cod and chips with garden peas as a side - now you are talking my language.

The cod, snug in a traditional batter, was second-to-none, the thrice-cooked chips almost melting on my tongue.

For dessert, I tried a mango, passion fruit and raspberry sorbet combination, which was a winner in my eyes.

The atmosphere was relaxed, understated and the staff were a joy - OK, seafood is not my specialist subject but other customers were falling over themselves to compliment the chef.

If you are a fan of seafood, Loch Fyne will be just the place for you.