There is a new exhibition in the 'Oil & Water Gallery' : 340 Old York Road, Wandsworth Town, SW18 1SS.

An exhibtion devoted to the talented artists of the Borough of Wandsworth, including Antonia Myatt.

Antonia’s art is primarily oil on canvas with the use of vivid and striking colour. Influenced from an early age by JMW Turner, Antonia also draws inspiration from Gaudi in the way she manipulates straight lines of architecture into an “organic structure”. She comments on this style of her work as: “giving life to the subject, it becomes a living, breathing entity, I humanise and personify the form.

This area of Antonia’s work is in high demand along with her stunning sunset and sunrise paintings.

She comments that "the changing light throws the whole subject into state of flux and dynamism where my aim is to not capture a snap shot of one moment in time but rather to portray these shifts, in colour and texture so that the image almost moves as ones eye travels around the canvas”.

Living and exhibiting her work in Spain, the artist has absorbed the meditainean light into her work and this influences her construction of light and shade, even when transposed to cities such as London or Paris.

Antonia’s paintings can be found in private collections worldwide and she currently exhibits frequently throughout London.

Thank you, Antonia Myatt 07870 387431 Based on information supplied by Antonia Myatt.