He may be a self-confessed "miserable old git" but comedian Ed Byrne will be hoping to bring some New Year cheer when he goes on his tour, writes Andy Bloss.

Following on from the success of his last shows Crowd Pleaser and Different Class, Byrne returns to the road for the second leg of his UK tour Roaring Forties.

He might be sliding into middle age but Byrne is not ready for the slippers and woolly jumper quite yet.

Still as angry as ever, audiences should be prepared for more of his withering rants.

The now father of two talks about family life and everyday frustrations as a whole host of topics come in for a pasting as Ed casts a comic eye over his life.

Byrne is a regular panellist on BBC 2’s Mock the Week and Have I Got News for You and presents comedy series What’s So Funny on BBC Radio 4 Extra.

The Irishman did not celebrate his 40th birthday but it did give him the idea for his show which is a trademark mix of one-liners and extended anecdotes.

He says: "It's about getting older, about being at an age where you're not really that old but no one thinks you're trendy anymore.

"It's like a spring-clean of my life, and I've come up with reasons why you can't be my friend.

"There are seven billion people on the planet and I only have the time to be friends with 10 of them and so I have to choose carefully."

Byrne also touches on the issue of telling jokes about those closest to him and says it has not always gone down well.

He says: "It's something that most comics experience.

"People know what you do for a living and then they complain when you mention them in the act, and I've certainly had at least one girlfriend in the past who objected.

"But my wife and my family are really funny and Claire understands what goes with the job.

"Actually she comes off very well and people say our relationship - very sparky, very joshing - comes across. I can't think of a time when she's said you can't use this, but if she did, I'd not use it."

Ed Byrne: Roaring Forties, Fairfield Halls, Park Lane, February 26, 8pm, £22.60, go to Fairfield.co.uk or call 02086889291.