EQUINE TREAT FOR RICHMOND YOUNG CARERS Young carers from Richmond Borough had a fun day out at the new Mayor’s chosen charity - The Horse Rangers Association (Hampton Court).

As a special treat, the charity youth organisation opened its’ stable doors to the young people who have a responsibility to look after a family member.

The Richmond carers became Rangers for the day, each child was allocated a pony to look after, learning to groom it and about stable management before being given a lesson in the indoor riding school because of the inclement weather.

Freya Morell, the Richmond Young Carers Activities Coordinator, says “The children loved this well-deserved treat. They do so much for others the rest of the year”.

Whilst at The Royal Mews base, the youngsters heard about the Horse Rangers’ star animal, Aries, who is currently in hospital suffering with grass sickness.

Jackie Bryans, Director at HRA, says “It’s important to us that we extend our charity beyond helping our own members and thanks go to the London Community Foundation who funded the Young Carer Days to give the youngsters some much-needed activity time away from their responsibilities at home. It means the children have been able to go back to school this week telling their friends about something positive they did during the school holidays.”

The Horse Rangers Association (Hampton Court) is a charity which supports the personal development of children and young people, regardless of background or ability, by teaching them to ride and look after horses. Over 400 members attend each week, including those with special needs.

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