Seasonal Style: Red is the New Black

I’m sure that if anyone reading this article has been into any clothing store in the last couple of months, there has been one colour that is jumping out of every display, shelf or window; the passionate statement that is the colour red. From jumpers or jackets, to t-shirts and boots, it seems that red is the new black, and an essential in any fashion followers wardrobe at the moment.  In this article I will be showing you many different ways in which you can incorporate this dynamic colour into your current style.

Although some of us may not like to admit it, we do take huge fashion inspiration from celebrities.  For me, Kendall Jenner’s style is one of my personal favourites. In image 1, she is effortlessly styling an oversized red puffer jacket, alongside some simple denim jeans and black boots. This outfit is definitely one anyone can pull off; this oversized red puffer jacket from Pull&Bear, seen in image 2, which retails at £49.99, is a great match to Kendall’s one. One of my favourite items I own at the moment is this simple, yet effective, red tank top from Zara, pictured in image 3, retailing at £5.99. I have been pairing this amazing piece with simple blue mom jeans, which is on trend yet casual, but my personal favourite outfit is wearing a red top/jumper alongside these tailored fit checked jogging trousers from Pull&Bear, demonstrated in image 4 (these trousers are £19.99). This outfit, is simple, yet effective, and can be carried from day, to night, by simply adding some black heels and smart coat. When it gets to the stage in the autumn months were t-shirts sadly have to wave their goodbyes, it’s the jumpers time to shine. Currently, you can find a long sleeved red jumper in any high street shop, but I personally love this long sleeved sweater from Pull&Bear, which is displayed in image 5 (selling at £19.99), as it allows you to pull of the oversized look by tuck it into a pair of jeans. Additionally, the gorgeous bell sleeves make it unique, stylish and easy to wear on those chillier autumn days.

If red is not your colour, there are plenty of other ways to combine it into your style.  One of which is to use red accessories to create an amazing pop of colour in any outfit, like this one seen in image 6. Adding some stunning red boots or even a red handbag to an all-black outfit, instantly creates a stunningly chic look. What’s more, H&M sell this amazing jumper, image 7, which can be joined with anything, for example, baggy or tight jeans, culottes, and skirts. The possibilities are endless, and any combination would convey a fashion forward individual.

As you can see, red is a colour that can really pack a punch. Whether it’s going on a day trip, night out or simply going to college, any red item of clothing will make every outfit seem current and on-trend. You won’t have to look far to find the perfect item, all you have to do is take a walk down your nearest high street, or simply go online, and I can guarantee that the colour red will be everywhere you look. To conclude, it is very clear that this season, red is indeed the new black.

By Ella Brown, Tolworth Girls' School & Sixth Form.