By Joanna Byrne

Living in the 21st century can be tough, especially on teens. The stresses of school, exams, and even social media. Teens are constantly pressured to be the image that people consideer to be perfect that is presented on Social Media. So, how can teens especially destress and grow in confidence? In my experience acting has been the answer to that.

Through drama you can express your thought and emotions without having to even tell people that it is how you really feel and what you really think. At my drama school we dance, act and learn how to produce film. In our acting classes especially we learn creative ways to express ourselves easily and supported by eachother. We play games to grow more comfortable being around eachother and help us with not using fillers like 'erm' when we improvise and perform without scripts.

Through dance you can also express yourself more freely by using your energy and the beat of the music to create a dance that shows your feelings. 

All of the above contribute to overall growth in confidence. I remember before I personally started drama being timid and quiet and extreemly awkward. But now I have drama, I can talk to neew people, in front of large numbers of people and I even have the confidence to write this and post it. The best part about drama is that you make friends doing it whether they are friend for life or friends you might never see again, its an amazing part of showbuisness.

We are lucky enough to live in a country where drama is so available to us. If you're interested in joining a drama club/school you can just head over to Google type 'drama clubs in' and add your location and you'll find so many in your area!