Where can you alleviate both your hunger and the suffering of cancer patients? A Macmillan Bake-Off Morning, of course.

On Friday 29th September, the Sixth Form common room at Rosebery School was bombarded with benevolent bakes, one from each Year 12 and 13 form group. After judgement, it was 13E’s ‘Honey Pot’ cake that seized victory, with ‘Chocolate Glory’ a close second; then donation pots were passed around as sixth-form stomachs were let loose on cake, cake and more cake.

Year 12 student Sarah baked 12A’s entry, and states that ‘I really enjoy baking and so it was a pleasure baking for the Macmillan cancer morning’, especially since she thinks it is ‘important to raise awareness and money for the very good cause’.

Supporting this outstanding charity has never been more important. In the UK, there are currently 2.5 million people living with cancer, and this will have risen to 4 million by 2030. Macmillan is a charity that aims to ‘make sure no one faces cancer alone’ by providing ‘medical, emotional, practical and financial support, as well as campaigning for better cancer care’. They also offer comfort and assistance for friends and family, not just the cancer patients themselves.

This vital cause motivated Rosebery Sixth Formers to raise over £100 in just twenty minutes – the time it took for the cakes to disappear. What better way to fundraise for cancer than, as Sarah said, ‘whilst everyone is enjoying themselves with a piece of cake’? 

Samantha Perren, Rosebery School