On the 31st of March the mega hit Netflix show Thirteen Reasons Why was released. Thirteen Reasons Why explores the life of a teenager called Hannah Baker (played by Katherine Langford) who goes Liberty High School and by the end of the series, resorts to ending her own life. Unaware of the reasons why she killed herself Clay Jensen (played by Dylan Minnette) is left 13 records each explaining what led her to take her life, the tapes involve other students from school and himself.

Thirteen Reasons Why explores controversial topics such as suicide, bullying, drugs, rape and alcohol. The show has helped to raise awareness particularly amongst teenagers who actively watch Netflix about these issues and not only this, but to treat others nicely and to always consider what impact you may have on somebody’s life. 

However, the show has received some criticism for its apparently botched portrayal of mental illness and how it does not portray effectively the majority of teenagers who take their own lives. However I think it is successful at showing the importance in how we treat others and that some people may turn to suicide as a way out as they feel that is all they have left. It is so important to not bully and to treat people with respect as you never know what may be happening in their head and to also comfort people who clearly need it. I feel that Thirteen Reasons Why is symbolic of this and shows this message creatively and in an entertaining way.
As these controversial topics happen in real life it is so important to confront them together and to understand how detrimental things like rape, alcohol and drugs can be on another person’s life. Unsurprisingly the show still remains the most popular and trending show on Netflix at the moment and just yesterday it has been released that there will be a second season. Hopefully this will relieve us of the cliffhangers it left for us in episode 13.