Croydon Minster was extremely active throughout the holidays with services almost everyday to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus. Anyone able to attend will know that the Croydon Minster choirs were doing a terrific Job of keeping up with the busy Easter Schedule, singing the most intricate and sacred music at the most important time of the Christian year.

Led by Ronny Krippner, sub-organist Tom Little and organ scholar Jack Oades, the choirs sung on through to the much-anticipated Easter Day service, marking the end of their duties and a well-deserved two-week break. Easter week started of with Palm Sunday and then there was Maundy Thursday- which ended with a very dramatic slamming of the Bible. Maundy Thursday was followed by two Good Friday services- one in the morning in which the full choir processed through Croydon with actors following them marking the Twelve Stations of the Cross. Next was the Easter Vigil service on Saturday night where the lights of the Church turn back on signifying Jesus’s resurrection. Easter Sunday finished off the term with services ending in the Easter Fanfare ‘The Lord is risen, he is risen indeed!’ Overall, the Croydon Minster Choirs did a fantastic job this Easter, as they do at all the other services they sing in. If you would like to hear more of them, they sing on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.

None of this would've been able to be done without the organ but it's due for refurbishment at the end of this year so if you would like to donate to The Organ Appeal on its JustGiving Appeal page. The Organ truly is an amazing part of Croydon’s heritage and as well as bringing music into the church, it is a learning foundation for all those in the choirs.

Sade Williams, Coloma Convent Girls School