When we hear the term ‘Photoshop’, we often associate it with images of perfect models in magazines. We also associate it with being fake; airbrushed skin, perfect curves, not a hair out of place – sounding familiar?

It wouldn’t be wrong to have these initial thoughts, however Photoshop is not the superficial, deceiving software that people seem to think. It can be used in expressive and elaborate ways to create incredible works of art.

During media lessons at school, we are taught that Photoshop is a negative thing. We are taught that its purpose is to make models look ‘better’. To an extent this is true, however, surely it is better to be promoting Photoshop more positively. Perhaps we should be taught how to use it in more creative ways than simply touching up pictures for advertisement.

There are many young people embracing the art of photography and Photoshop online. One photography account stated:

“I don’t refer to it as Photoshop, I prefer the term ‘photo manipulation’ because there is an element of surrealism – I’m not trying to enhance anyone’s features, I’m just taking a photo and changing it to make it both realistic and unrealistic at the same time.”

To combat the negativity towards Photoshop, I believe we should stop promoting it for advertisement and use it for creating surrealist art.

Izzie Plowman, Rosebery