Situated a little off of the south coast (or Costa del Sol, Andalucía) of Spain, locked in between reigning names such as Nerja and Málaga, lies a little yet overwhelming picturesque town bathed in white walls and beautiful flora.

Indeed, here lies scenery of towns built along hills and the azure sea blending into the calming blue horizon. Known as the most beautiful village in Spain, or “the white village”, Frigiliana certainly lives up to its nickname as one of the most wondrous places in my memory.

The Spanish sun-kissed skies make the very houses glow pure and brilliant; the cobbled and narrow streets makes one think of Diagon Alley, except far more bright and European, and the various stalls and markets littered throughout sell the most beautiful trinkets as a little treasured representation of the whole town. As you keep climbing further up the hill, the view becomes ever more stunning with extended views of nature. On one side lies the pool of visible ocean and the other lies the rich greenery of raised land dotted with various settlements.

As I share my experiences, you may think I’m speaking in hyperboles and over exaggerated language, but until you experience such a sight live with your own eyes, you won’t grasp the full extent of the beauty of such a place – so I recommend including Frigiliana on your list of destinations if you ever plan to go to Spain. It gives a refreshing difference from bustling cities and beaches and the view stays with you forever.