Often while we are busy getting on with our lives we forget where we live. For example London, a capital city. So much goes on here however if you live on the outskirts it is easy to forget this.

Recently I visited Central London after not going for around 4 years. It was a really great experience because I forgot how wonderful it all is.

One of my favourite attractions was M&M World. There’s nothing really special about it but the machines filled with any M&Ms you can imagine are amazing.

A place which can also be forgotten about is Trafalgar Square. The square itself is very nice and you can see sites like Big Ben and it also has the National Portrait Gallery which can be awesome if you are into art.

I also visited the London Eye. I didn’t actually go on it as I have been many times before but that experience is also fun as you can see the view very far. South Bank also has very interesting street artists and a walk by the River Thames provides you with entertainment.

Probably one of the most beautiful attractions in my opinion is Tower Bridge. By day it might look like any old bridge however if you visit it while its dark outside it’s a truly amazing site. At night you can see all the lights of the surrounding office buildings and the Tower Bridge lights are very pretty too, and a little evening/late night walk by the Thames is quite refreshing.

Finally, possibly my favourite attraction is of course shopping! Recently I went to Oxford Street and I spent 4 hours in one shop! (Try and guess what one) and it was really great. Something that made the shopping day even more fun was the street performers as their music was great and created a lovely atmosphere.

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