I was so pleased to be able to work further with The Guardian paper when my English teacher announced we’d be going on a school trip to work on our feature articles and get the vibe of the famous paper. It excited me; and I was pleased to be a part of a scheme that opens up journalism to a wider range of people - the people who'll run our papers one day. English is a very large part of my life, and it moulds everyones everyday life as we are exposed to current affairs and what's going on in the world. The experience was an opening for something people rarely have a chance to gain entry to, and the excitement of the day and, in general, the prospects of the job that could pave the rest of your life was monumental to us. The rooms lined with Apple computers, and piles of The Guardian paper itself, and notepads was intoxicating to me - I felt like I was in some dream where I could allow myself to be outspoken and have people enjoy it. I know the rest of my class felt the exact same way. We got to use actual formats, and we learnt about what makes a good or bad article - but then again, was there ever a bad article? It was exciting feeling important, one student said ‘I would actually consider journalism now, which I haven’t previously done’ and it made me happy to see that people were gulping up the experience like hungry animals. If you have the chance, please write. Write what you feel and love and want, write and be the change you've grown up wanting to see. I left the day feeling intellectual and a part of a huge group that has conveyed news to us every day of our lives - newspapers have always been a large portion of our lives. Overall, I would not give my experience up for anything. It was enjoyable, exciting and even the building of the award-winning paper was something to gush at, with it’s modern furniture and exquisite and aesthetically pleasing layout. If you want to find out more about The Guardian, you can check out your local Wimbledon Guardian - as well as take a trip and view the great building itself in central London. The website for the local paper is: http://www.wimbledonguardian.co.uk/news/