In a recent rowing race, Yorkshire Head, taking place on Saturday 11th March, the Hampton 1st eight's hard work and dedication paid off as they produced a huge upset beating Durham University Boat Clubs 1st eight by a margin of 28 seconds.

The school is in the Hampton Hill area and the rowers train on a stretch of river in Sunbury between Sunbury Lock and Moseley Lock. They train 12 times a week and all rowers come from the local area.

The whole race lasted in the region of 16 minutes or less making a time gap over this distance impressive. The Durham University crew featured local school alumnus Ben Evans and Rowing junior world medalist Oscar Lindsey.

There is a possibility that Durham may have suffered some steering difficulties on a twisting course but the margin of victory achieved by the local crew still makes this impressive.

The Hampton School rowers were very pleased with their performance, saying that it 'was a good row' and a solid building block towards their main upcoming event the Schools Head of the River. This race takes place on the Boat Race course and will run next Thursday.