What is punting, you may ask? Well, punting is the act of boating a small boat known as a punt, down a river. There's nothing more to it. 

Why do it though? What is the point? Now, if you are a prospective Cambridge student, this is possibly one of the best ways to see each and every college Cambridge is composed of. A 45 minute sail to the dock and back will allow you sufficient time to identify each of the university's colleges and decide which one - from the outside at least - appeals to you most. 

If however, you simply wish to relax and enjoy the scenic views, then yes, punting is for you! On a fairly mild day, the river Cam, upon which you will ride, glistens beautifully - the perfect addition to your panoramic photographs. The trip down it is quite the glorious one, with Venetian style bridges, the juxtaposition of older and more modern colleges, as well as just a generally rural countryside to stare in awe at. The perfect escape from the urban world, it would seem. 

If you are more of an adventurous daredevil then punting can still appeal to you! Take the boat by the oar and embark on a journey down the river without any assistance, only the wind and the waves. Yes it is difficult, but it's part of the thrill! And if you struggle, never fear, there is always a fellow punter nearby to aid you in your struggle. 

Even in colder weather, punting can be enjoyable. Each punt is packed with hot water bottles that you can clutch for warmth, as well as thick woollen blankets to ensure the bad weather doesn't ruin your trip. 

And if none of that appealed to you, here is an interesting fact about Cambridge. It is called "Cambridge" due to being a town that built "bridges" over the river "Cam." Hence its name, Cambridge. Quite river-ting don't you think?

Dayna Mistry 12.7, Nonsuch High School For Girls