I have discovered the Devil’s Food and it took me until a Tuesday night trip to Hereford United to find it, writes Stuart Amos.

A service station somewhere on the A40 near Cheltenham was where it was lurking and was it mightily good?

Oh yes it was.

Having escaped the riots of Twickenham – a woman was reported to have thrown a pot of organic yoghurt on the floor in the high street – and battled for an hour around the M25 I was in need of a pick-me-up.

And I got it in spades.

A chicken balti pasty shall forever be etched in the memory as a thing of beauty and wonder.

Add to that two grab bags of cheese and onion crisps, washed down with a bottle of diet coke and that – my friend – is a dinner of champions.

I tell you this because it was one of only a few highlights of my trip to Edgar Street this week.

The delay on the ‘Road to Hell’ meant I missed the first half of Tuesday’s Carling Cup clash.

I only arrived in time to see the Bees dominate before succumbing to a late winner from the Bulls that came deep into stoppage time.

The pasty was worth the trip, the result wasn’t.

By all accounts, I saw some of the flowing football that dealt with Yeovil Town on Saturday and that is a source of encouragement.

Chances were created – but missed – and I could only agree with boss Uwe Rosler’s assessment that on another night his side would have walked it.

That is what makes football the game the nation loves and has welcomed back with open arms in the middle of the cricket season.

Any team always has a chance the longer the score stays 0-0 and that is what the Bees found to their cost.

We must remember Brentford have done the same many times in the recent past.

So the Rosler’s men are out of the League Cup and the manager has suffered his first defeat and I’m certain there will be the reaction he has called for.

My trip home was made better by a can of Red Bull and a chocolate bar. It picked me up a treat and Rosler could do worse than prescribe the same for his men before Saturday.

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