Last week I bemoaned the fact that former Manchester City striker Uwe Rosler was being heavily linked with the vacant manager’s job at Griffin Park.

Now, like a Tory MP discussing the NHS, I’m going to do a little bit of hasty backtracking.

As we went to press it looked as if the deal to bring Rosler in was all but done and I must admit that in the last week or so I’ve really warmed to the idea.

My concerns about his lack of experience in the less than rarefied world of English football’s third tier still stand but the German has now got my full support.

What won me round was a YouTube video compilation that collates clips of his bizarre antics and exhortations on the touchline. The video is easily found and is well worth a look.

Highlights include Rosler rowing with officials and opposition players, kicking bottles and munching bananas. It seems he is not averse to an exuberant goal celebration and looks certain to provide some colourful copy for our reporters.

One Danish journalist gets short shrift in a post-match press interview, for example. “Do not compare that match with a war,” says our man. “Especially not with a German.”

I’m sure there will be a fair few cliches trotted out in the coming weeks, mainly by me, about organised defences and fans getting their towels down on their seats hours before kick-off.

But I’m presuming that the board have based their decision on Rosler’s vision for the club rather than on the strength of a few funny YouTube clips and his potential for providing a source of bad and vaguely racist jokes for this column.

I have a good feeling that this next chapter in Brentford’s history is going to be a colourful one.

Us Bees fans know better than most that the appointment of any new manager always has an element of risk attached to it and bringing in Rosler is a gamble.

I just hope that everyone will be fully behind the guy.

All together now: “There’s only ein Uwe Rosler...”

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