I received a complaint about the column this week from a member of my own family no less.

The gist of the complaint was, “No one cares who the next Brentford manager is going to be so stop banging on about it.”

Well, my dear, old, wonderful, old Dad would say that because he’s a bloody Fulham fan and therefore his opinion on anything should immediately be discounted.

Besides, if I don’t bang on about who the next Brentford manager is going to be what does he expect me to centre my 380 Brentford-inspired words on?

The official website’s latest update on season tickets, perhaps, or, maybe, the quality of stripe that has been selected for next season’s Bees shirt?

As loyal readers will know, during previous quiet close seasons these are exactly the kind of subjects that I have scraped the barrel for but it would be remiss of me at present to not focus on the club’s quest, otherwise known as The Never Ending Story, for a new manager.

While I’m still none the wiser as to who he is going to be, at least we can breath a big sigh of relief that we didn’t go for Paolo ‘I’m a fascist, not a racist’ Di Canio who has pitched up at Swindon Town.

Aside from the fact he is already spouting nutty things such as “a lion can't stay in a cage, a lion has to stay on the pitch” and has previously stated his love for Mussolini (he was “a very principled, ethical individual” apparently) the guy has no experience of management whatsoever.

It would be easy for Brentford to also plump for a big name ex-player desperate for a crack at management but I hope and pray that we won’t go down that road. If we did end up going for someone with little or no managerial experience then it would beg the question as to why we didn’t stick with Nicky Forster all along.

Famous last words maybe, but I’m putting my faith in the current board to make a sensible appointment. Hopefully, for the sake of mine and my dad’s sanity, it will be done and dusted in the not too distant future and we will all be able to get on with our lives.

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