It was nice to see Brentford ruin The Football League Show's little package on the inexorable rise of Division Three's glamour boys, Rochdale.

The camera team and presenter hiked oop north and script was supposed to go that, after Dale's promotion last season, their march to the play offs this time around would continue with a home win over the mid-table Bees.

Unfortunately for the northerners and the BBC, the men in red and white hadn’t bothered to follow the script and we came away from Spotland (the weirdest name for a football ground since I discovered that non-league nobodies Mole Valley SCR play at Leg of Mutton Field) with a well-deserved three points.

When you’ve got nothing left to play for in a season it is always nice to spoil someone else's fun and that is exactly what Brentford did.

Easter might be just the time of year for miracles, but even if the Son of God revealed himself to be the biggest Brentford supporter since that spotty bloke from EastEnders confessed his undying love for the Bees and that he grew up in Bethlehem with a Gary Blissett poster on his wall, I doubt he'd have the power bring our moribund chance of promotion back to life.

To continue the religious theme, our ambition on that score is about as dead as Lazarus was the second time around, only minus the expectation of a revival.

So now that Brentford's season is effectively over all we've got left is the chance to spoil a few more parties, with tough games against promotion chasers Huddersfield Town and Southampton on the horizon.

Hopefully the team will give us something to smile about as this frustrating season draws to a close and attention turns to the question of who are next gaffer is going to be.

It’s not beyond the realms of possibility that the board will make an external appointment, but I suspect that if the Bees end the season strongly Nicky Forster will be given the manager’s job on a full time basis.

Whatever the decision it will give us plenty to discuss during those sad months when the football is done and dusted.

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