After last week’s column, in which I extolled the virtues of Bovril, I received a missive or two questioning my journalistic integrity (Your what? – Ed).

Had I, perchance, been paid off by the good people of Unilever to praise their product?

Sadly, the answer is no - I haven’t received a penny for my thoughts (or even a lifetime’s supply of Bovril) and I’m happy to make clear that there are plenty of other meat-based drinks available.

The weekend just gone saw us put in a brilliant performance to beat Leyton Orient.

Bees striker Gary Alexander had a great game against his former club and it was a nice touch to see him upset the sensitive little lambs in the away end with his goal celebration.

As the saying goes, he’s an old fashioned type of centre forward (by that I don’t mean he sports a handle-bar moustache and rides a penny farthing) and perhaps that is one of the reasons why he hasn’t proved to be every Brentford supporter’s cup of tea.

But a return of 12 goals so far in a team that has struggled to create chances for much of the season is not to be sniffed at.

He is also one of the many players benefiting from Nicky Forster’s decision to shift to a less-direct style of play and a partnership with loan signing Jeffrey Schlupp looks to have some pontential.

Schlupp may have been culpable for one of the worst misses since Ronnie Rosenthal rattled the bar from half an inch but he is quicker than Usain Bolt driving a Ferrari and has shown enough in a couple of brief appearances to suggest that he has plenty more to offer.

I must end with mention for Richard Lee - our heroic, penalty-saving 'keeper was injured during the Orient match and is going to miss the Paint Pot Final.

It might be an exaggeration to say he got us to Wembley single handedly, but it’s not too wide of the mark.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Lee were asked to join Nicky Forster in leading the team out onto the hallowed turf? It would be an honour he thoroughly deserves.

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