It is not very often that you get to feel smug as a Brentford supporter.

At this juncture, with the team languishing in the League One relegation zone, you would have thought it would be impossible to feel superior to anyone (except maybe Gillingham supporters – everyone is better than them).

Yet last week I managed that seemingly impossible task.

As I was watching and reading the news reports about the trials and tribulations of Liverpool FC and its protracted takeover, with all the talk of administration, injunctions and cash injections I couldn’t have felt happier with my lot.

Liverpool may have won countless Division One titles and European Cups and be renowned the world over, yet at this present moment I would much rather be a Bees fan than a follower of the (not so) mighty Reds.

Brentford are currently a million metaphorical miles away from a Premiership world in which money is the be all and end all and that is a great place for us to be.

The spectacle of a gaggle of over-excited Scousers in their shell suits (they weren't wearing shell suits – Ed) celebrating the fact that their club had been passed from one pair of money grubbing American businessmen to a money grubbing American investment firm, as if they had just thrashed Manchester United, was hilarious to watch.

If I was a Liverpool fan I would be wary of their new owners, New England Sports Ventures.

Perhaps time will prove me wrong and the Yanks will bring the glory days back to Anfield but the presence of the word “ventures” in their company’s title should spend a shiver down the spines of all Merseysiders of a red persuasion.

Clearly investment is needed for clubs in any division that hope to succeed but it needs to be at a sensible level from people with a genuine affection for the club in question.

And this is where the smugness really kicks in as that is exactly the position Brentford have found themselves thanks to the steady investment by lifelong supporter Matthew Benham.

With things looking relatively stable off the pitch Brentford now need to get things sorted on it and we took a small step in that direction on the weekend just gone - thankfully Liverpool fans weren’t the only Scousers to give me a laugh in the last seven days.

Brentford were in dire straits going into this weekend and by that I don’t been mean they were playing catchy stadium anthems in an 80s rock band.

Boy did we need three points and, thank Christ, we ran into a Tranmere Rovers team who handed them to us on a silver platter.

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