It seems the world and his wife is going to be at Griffin Park on Saturday for Brentford’s League One promotion shoot-out with Doncaster Rovers.

It is amazing how many Bees fans come out of the woodwork on these occasions, but a full house is the very least that boss Uwe Rosler’s men deserve for the season’s thrilling climax.

The equation is simple. A win will see the Bees elevated to the Championship and anything less will put their fate in the hands of the play-offs – and we all know how that will finish.

One Brentford fan told me it was the sort of occasion he would have cancelled his own wedding to attend.

But, personally, I will be giving it a miss and here is why.

The last time Brentford reached the second tier of English football I did not make the trip to Peterborough United’s London Road ground in 1992.

That day, and I remember it clearly as I scrawl this down, Gary Blissett scored the decisive goal that secured boss Phil Holder’s men the Division Three title and promotion on the season’s final day.

Richmond and Twickenham Times: Cricket

It's just not cricket: I'll be in the field when Brentford and Doncaster meet - but is it for the good of the Bees

Instead of being there, I chose to play cricket and kept one eye on Teletext in the clubhouse of Laleham Village Cricket Club and one ear listening to the radio. I remember leaping around the outfield as news of Brentford’s title triumph filtered through.

It took days of inner turmoil to decide to play cricket this time around, but, in my heart of hearts, I know if I were at Griffin Park there would be every chance the Bees would lose.

Whereas donning the whites – this time for Twickenham CC – will most probably mean Rosler’s men will get the result they need.

That’s commitment for you.

I’m taking a hit for the greater good and, if Brentford reach the promised land, I’m taking full credit. Sorry, Uwe.

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