Sutton United Paul Doswell had that feeling the gods were looking down on him on at Dover Athletic, but it did not last long.

Despite missing three key men in Louis John, Jamie Slabber and Will Spetch, United were ahead inside 60 seconds thanks to Craig Dundas’ 18th goal of the season.

However, a soft equaliser just before the break suggested the gods had decided to desert Doswell.

He said: “We were three players away from what is our best side.

“I am still trying to get my head round playing 42 league games and being second in the league, then having to play such an important game without your strongest side.

“That’s why the start was so pleasing, I thought the gods were looking down on us.”

He added: “The big disappointment was to concede a goal from what we knew were one of their main threats.

“We gave away the ball poorly, [Ben] King’s let the ball go out for a throw with a minute to go to half time. They hurl it into the box, there’s a flick on and they score - it’s a poor goal on our part.

"Overall, I would have liked us to play better – but these games are always tight and tense affairs, and ultimately we’ve got a good away point.

"They get the ball forward very quickly, and the only problem that brings is if you pick up the second ball, or if they do.

"They had two shots in the second half and both were from knock downs. They never got in behind us and got a cross in until the very end, when I thought Lee Sawyer defended it very well. 

"Charlie Clough was magnificent, but I thought Lee  was our best player."