The good news is that Diego Costa looks the real deal as a powerful, hungry Chelsea striker.

The bad news is that fans who merely had “Costa” stencilled on their replica kits now realise he uses his entire name on the back of his shirt.

Seven minutes into the Blues’ last pre-season friendly on Tuesday night at the rain-lashed Bridge, the game was effectively over.

Costa scored twice in rapid succession against Real Sociedad – the first after 58 seconds – and a full house could relax and enjoy a vivid rainbow at sunset, apparently pointing an approving multi-coloured finger from the heavens to the Shed.

This is going to be a fascinating season. With many big teams in transition, a lot will depend on the managers’ skills.

Jose Mourinho was deep in thought on the touchline, only glancing at the action as if staring too hard might overload his analytical brain cells.

He prowled to and fro in the technical box like a children’s entertainer in a prison cell, occasionally acknowledging fans’ name checks with the brief, clipped waves usually reserved for popes and royalty.

Supporters have yet to perfect songs for the newcomers (we even heard a nostalgic Frankie Lampard chant on Tuesday night), but Costa and lofty keeper Thibaut Cortois are certain to earn their own ditties, once the Matthew Harding stand faithful have agreed on a pronunciation of the 6ft 6in Belgian’s moniker.

Like Petr Cech, the man who still wears the number one shirt, Cortois is a left-footer, so defences are well used to passing the ball back into areas that best suit both men.

The big disappointment on Tuesday was that referee Craig Pawson didn’t produce a can of shaving foam to mark out free kick positions.

Mind you, any marks would have been quickly erased by the downpours.

The big pleasure was seeing Diego Costa fitting in the side so comfortably.

Turf Moor beckons on Monday night.