The news eight school teachers from Lovelace Primary School are taking on Sunday's Breakfast Run has given me hope, writes Stuart Amos.

Two weeks ago I was on crutches and unable to train due to a cut on the sole of my foot.

A fortnight later the injury has healed and the story of Lisa Cropley, Gemma Lansdowne, Jane Sapey, Alison Miller, Karen Young, Lucy Mastrocola,  Karen French and Fiona Yard, has inspired me to stick with it.

Cropley and co have – like me – done relatively little training, but will be cheered to the line by their students, who have backed them to win the
entire event.

A 5km half-term training session has them confident of completing the eight-mile distance and if they can do it, then so can I.

See you all on the other side.