Beddington boxer Sunny Edwards criticised his England trainers and the referee after missing out on gold at the GB Three Nations in Edinburgh last weekend.

The 18-year-old five-times ABA national champion lost 2-1 in rounds to Scottish home-grown boxer Lee McGregor, 17, in the 49kg weight division at the Meadowbank Sports Centre.

Edwards, who boxes out of Repton Boxing Club, said: “After losing a close first round, I believe I won the second, and took control in the third round, before going down 2-1.

“But the main thing I struggled with was the lack of support I had from my country and the trainers almost did not seem to care.

“The other lad had around 50-60 people watching and cheering him on so even when he was not landing punches they were getting behind him.”

He added: “Also the referee was Scottish and two out of five judges were Scottish, so I was up against it.

“Every time the boy illegally ducked his head to avoid my punches I was warned for pushing his head down, so it was clear they were against me from the start.”