There have been some very healthy crowds at Plough Lane recently treated to some wonderful close racing and wrecking, and tonight's promises much of the same under the floodlights.

Talk on the terraces has centred on the bangers competing in the Refine Metals Banger League, in particular the incredible antics of the feuding Bandits team from Mitcham, and The Boyz team from Leatherhead.

Things have become very heated on and off track, where the visiting team are simply out to stop Bandits captain Keith Conlon and his team mates at the first opportunity.

Last time out, from the outset, The Boyz went on the offensive, knocking the Bandits out into the safety fence.

They were not able to stop captain Keith Conlon though who went on for the first heat win and more league points.

Crafty Conlon then appeared on track in a car in the orange black colours of his rivals, allowing him by stealth to go around the oval causing havoc.

Neither teams scored many points after that as they set about each other, but equally the chaos made things very tricky for the current league leaders as they battled for every championship point.

Richmond and Twickenham Times:

Smash: The Bandits's James Mathews ends the night of one of The Boyz 

This week, as well round 14 of the series, the bangers will be contesting the London Championship.

With the title being won across the meeting, any one of 10 drivers on the night could lift the trophy.

The V8 Stock Cars are racing for the second championship of the evening, their London Championship. With their raw power the V8’s have made the stadium shake this winter. These drivers know how to make an impression and add a championship into the mix and anything could happen.

The stock rods are back and racing in the second round of the Polleysport/Yokohama Tyres Series.

The first round final win was taken by former rookie rod driver John Smith. However, going into round two, with only a three-point lead ahead of Tooting’s Nicky D’Souza, Smith cannot let his guard down.

Rounding off the nights entertainment are the rookie rods - in last meeting at Wimbledon the rookie rods once again proved that they mean business as a formula at Spedeworth in 2014.

With only one more meeting left in the capital for the rookies, on March 23, if you have not witnessed the action provided by the rookie rods at Wimbledon pop along and see what you’re missing.

The first race starts at 5.30pm.


Richmond and Twickenham Times:

Winner: South London's Paul Freeman romped home in the rookie rods

Richmond and Twickenham Times:

Same again? Peter Scott Snr won the V8 final last time out. Will he repeat the win?