It has been a long time since a sportsman has polarised opinion quite so much as Kevin Pietersen.

The debate over his sacking from the England team is likely to continue for months – particularly if the team continues to struggle and Pietersen displays his unique abilities in the Indian Premier League and during his summer appearances for Surrey.

In terms of cricketing ability, KP’s axing is a nonsense.

But in a team sport, if his presence is undermining his team mates and causing their performance to be compromised, then it is justified.

The problem with the way that the ECB have handled their star player’s sacking is that so many questions remain unanswered.

As part of the ”agreement” over Pietersen’s sacking, the legal teams appear to have decided none of those involved are going to talk about the issues at large.

We’ve heard nothing from captain Alastair Cook, about whether he found handling Pietersen so difficult it prevented him from doing his own job properly.

We’ve heard nothing from ECB chief executive Paul Downton about why he sees the need to permanently sack a player when lesser players would be merely dropped.

And we’ve heard nothing of significance from Pietersen himself although one can only assume Piers Morgan is doing his talking – and tweeting – for him.

The modern way of dealing with a crisis like this seems to be to silence the main parties involved – but surely that just leads to rumour, innuendo and leaks to friends.

Times have changed. Doubtless the modern day lawyer have would have stopped the classic Yorkshire TV programme 40 years ago when Brian Clough, on the day he was sacked by Leeds after 44 days, thrashed out his differences with his predecessor Don Revie.

The chances of Pietersen and Cook doing the same are, sadly zero.

But the good news is that Pietersen will be desperate to let his batting do the talking for Surrey this summer.