A set of rugby playing twins are being tipped for the top despite not having even heard of the sport a year ago.

Quest Academy pupils Aristot and Jonathan Benz Salomon, 12, arrived in the country last year from Spain having only ever played football.

The duo, who are in year eight, have now been snapped up by AVIVA Premiershp side Harlequins to play for one of their youth sides after talent scouts spotted them during a school training session.

Quest had linked up with the RFU last year who run a programme which aims to encourage state schools to teach rugby.

Aristot, who along with his brother plays front row, said: "I hadn’t even heard about rugby before we started playing. But when we did take part I just got it really quickly.

His brother Jonathan added: "It took me about two weeks to get it. At first I wasn’t so sure because of the weather. Even the grass was frozen. It was so cold. But then, all of a sudden, I got really into it.

"Our head of PE and our mum give me hope when I’m down. They tell me to look up. They just keep supporting us. They believe in us."

Lacey Congram, head of PE at Quest, said: "It is quite rare to see people pick it up so quickly but they have got that natural athletic ability and given their size they really excel in the positions they play."