The chairman of the Wimbledon Independent Supporters Association (WISA) Simon Wheeler says the potential FA Cup tie between AFC Wimbledon and MK Dons is about much more than football.

Should both teams get past replays on November 13 - the Dons face York City, while the MK Dons play Cambridge City - they will meet at Stadium MK on the weekend of December 1.

MK Dons were established in 2004 out of Wimbledon FC's relocation to Milton Keynes in 2003.

The club claimed the history of Wimbledon FC as it own, despite the existence of AFC Wimbledon, until 2007.

However, the club still refuses to drop the "Dons", despite wanting to be recognised as representing Milton Keynes.

Moreover, AFC Wimbledon fans say they were robbed by MK Dons of their rightful place in League One in 2004 - which effectively meant they had to start life again at the bottom of the football pryamid.

Wheeler said: "It is disappointing that this tie could happen. The majority of fans do not want to play MK Dons in any competition and I personally cannot get excited about the match.

"The match would not be about football rivalry in the normal sense of word, more about the fact MK Dons stole something from us. There is much more at stake than a result.

"We had to start again as a club and they continually rubbed our noses in it by carrying the name Dons."

He added: "It must also be embarrassing for them. It just highlights how a club like AFC Wimbledon with the right support, hard work, commitment and passion, can grow into a professional outfit.

"Whereas, MK Dons stole Wimbledon's league place, have failed to develop their own identity, by dropping the 'Dons', in Milton Keynes and attract the frenzy of local support that Pete Winkelman craves and promised."

In a statement on the WISA website, Wheeler says: "WISA hopes that the fixture will not have to happen. WISA will issue a further statement if the replays require that the fixture is fulfilled, after consultation with AFC Wimbledon and supporters."

MK Dons chairman Pete Winkelman said: “This could potentially be a fantastic tie in the FA Cup and no doubt one that the whole of the football world will be watching."

According to Wheeler, talk of a boycott by travelling fans is premature.

"Some fans have vowed never to go to a game at MK Dons, and I understand that.

"Others will want to go to support the team, and again, I understand too.

"But there are a larger portion of fans who are in the middle ground and I think the question of a boycott goes ahead or not will depend on this middle ground."

He added:"There is another question to consider in terms of why should we go to MK Dons and give money to a club that has stolen from us?"