The Barnes Atelier of Art opened its doors for the first time in September 2016, offering a mixture of full and part-time study, evening classes and workshops all focused on realist drawing and painting. The Barnes Atelier is a replica of the traditional art Ateliers of the past where students were able to work alongside and under the tuition of a principle instructor.

The 2017 schedule includes Introduction to Portrait Drawing and Painting classes, Still-Life Painting workshops, Alla-Prima Portrait Sketch workshops alongside the core full-time and part-time program. The classes are designed to build your technical skills in relation to drawing/painting.

Classes are led by Travis Seymour, local resident and award winning classical artist, trained at the Angel Academy in Florence, and who has long had a passion for teaching realist art and passing on the traditional methods to new and developing artists.

The studio is tucked away in the Old Bakehouse off Barnes High Street and provides a wonderful environment to immerse yourself in the world of creating fine art. Anyone serious about learning to draw and paint would be amiss not to consider the Barnes Atelier. For information please visit:

Article supplied by Stephanie Mills