Hampton resident Johnny Morris had a long career in the British film industry - starting out as a lighting technician before breaking into ‘front of camera’ roles.

He ‘doubled’ for John Lennon in the first two Beatles movies, ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ and ‘Help!’, and went on to be Sir Michael Caine’s regular double and stunt man for over a decade, working with him on ‘The Ipcress File’, ‘The Italian Job’, ‘Sleuth’, and other classic pictures, as well as arranging the stunts for ‘Get Carter.’ He was also the star’s close friend and minder.

Johnny, who’s now in his eighties, has just written his memoirs, entitled - appropriately, in view of his stunting skills - ‘The Fall Guy.’

They’re full of anecdotes about Michael Caine and other big stars, and there are many photographs, including seven previously unpublished shots of the Beatles, taken on the set of ‘Help!’ in 1965.

The Fall Guy - I was the double for Michael Caine & John Lennon, by Johnny Morris. Gleneagle Books, £12.95 (also available as an ebook).

Based on information supplied by Nick Freeth, Gleneagle Books.