A Twickenham scientist has teamed up with a top producer to provide inspirational music for a world-class athlete.

Hurdler Dai Greene has a new weapon in his battle for success this year - a piece of music scientifically designed to aid the current world champion in his race preparation.

The track was created with advice and consultation from world-renowned sport psychologist Dr Costas Karageorghis of Brunel University, a resident of Twickenham, who specialises in the link between music and sporting performance.

In order to give him an edge over his rivals, energy drink manufacturer Red Bull brought Greene together with Dr Karageorghis and one of Greene’s favourite artists, Redlight.

Greene’s musical preferences and pre-competition mindset were assessed by Dr Karageorghis, who consulted with Redlight so to interpret the findings into a composition.

The finished track, entitled Talk to the Drum, is designed to work as a stimulant to optimise Greene’s mental and physical arousal before a race.

Dr Karageorghis’s research indicated that among young adults the preferred music tempo during sport and exercise fell within a narrow band of 125-140 beats per minute.

Dr Karageorghis said: “Music has the power to stimulate or sedate.

“The trick, when working with athletes, is to find out precisely what sort of mindset is associated with their peak performance.

“The tempo is ideal at 126 beats per minute and the rhythms are not excessively busy, so will help Dai in staying focused and preserving energy before he leaves the warm-up track in the big race scenario.

“What Red Bull has done in helping Dai create his own performance track is ground-breaking and something that could make a real difference when he prepares for a race.”

Speaking shortly after hearing the track for the first time Dai Greene said: “Knowing that I have had it tailor-made for me, to help in my preparation for a big race is great.

“The track fills me with confidence when I listen to it.”

Redlight, who had recent chart success with Get Out My Head, said: “It is a real honour to be asked to help one of our most successful athletes.

“It was a challenge to write something with a science base that is going to make a difference for Dai, while also making sure it was something that Dai would enjoy listening to and I enjoyed writing.

“With Talk to the Drum, I think we have achieved it.”