Richmond Council has requested a meeting with a minister after the Governement announced further cuts to the council’s funding.

The council was the first in the country to request a meeting with a Government Minister over a further seven per cent cut to the council’s Government funding.

Following cuts of £8.6m to general Government grants, Richmond faces further significant cuts in funding over the next two years.

Officials at the council expressed frustration at the figures, which they have said are still unclear.

Councillor Geoffrey Samuel, Richmond Council's cabinet member for finance, has contacted the Government Minister, demanding a better funding deal for the borough.

He said: “Richmond upon Thames has being getting a bad deal from the Government for many years – that is a fact. “If we are to protect services we must at least be allowed a level playing field.

“Despite being one of the most efficient and low cost authorities in the country, we are forced year after year to impose one of the highest council taxes on our residents. The funding formula fails to adequately recognise the needs of the borough.”

He said he thought Richmond has been treated too unfairly by the government.

“This bears particularly hard on those with average earnings living in an average home. They will be paying more than £400 a year than their equivalent in Tower Hamlets.

“I have requested a meeting with a Government minister on behalf of our residents to express my concern at how we have been treated.”