Top, the corner of Fauconberg Road and Sutton Court Road, circa 1900. The house half hidden by trees was Sutton Court, photographed not long before its demolition. Sutton Court was the manor house of one of the two Chiswick manors and one of the large mansions in the south part of Chiswick. It was a late 18th century house built on the site of an earlier house which had been home to Lady Mary Fauconberg, daughter of Oliver Cromwell. It was a boarding school run by Frederick Tappenden for part of the 19th century. Its last use was a temporary council offices while the town hall was being enlarged in 1900. The modern view shows the houses in Sutton Court Road and behind them the blocks of mansion flats called Sutton Court that were built in its grounds. From Then & Now Chiswick by Carolyn and Peter Hammond, published in 2003.