I hope this miniaturised copy of the Brentford and Chiswick Times dated Friday May 2, 1930 is of interest to your readers.

I found it while going through old papers and photographs. I have established that I had an uncle William (Billy) Cain who lived with his parents at No 10 Grosvenor Road, Richmond, I guess from at least the time of the First World War or earlier until the late 1920s when he married and moved to Wembley.

My guess is that is the connection to the newspaper.

I am curious as to why it was miniaturised and why this copy was kept.

Perhaps there is an item of some significance. Even with a magnifying glass I wasn’t able to read the text.

John Munday, Potters Bar
Nostalgia ed: It seems that this pint sized edition was a marketing exercise as shown by the left centre page. Folded, it measures 11cms x 14cms and was possibly inserted in the ‘parent’ paper of that week.

If our own Times ‘lite’ jogs any memories do let us have your memories at the Nostalgia page.