Scenes of Mortlake have been immortalised in the recently unveiled Mortlake Mosaic.

The two year project at the Old Bakery in Lower Mortlake Road was completed on Friday, September 21, following a partnership between the Environment Trust and Mortlake Community Association (MCA), funded by Richmond Parish Lands charitable trust.

Artists Sue Edkins and Susie John put together the piece and the project was co-ordinated by Joe Pecorelli from the Environment Trust for Richmond upon Thames.

The mosaic features scenes of the brewery, boat race, the green and the two local churches.

Local residents, schoolchildren and people attending the Mind drop-in have all spent time working on the project.

Joe Pecorelli, from the Environment Trust for Richmond upon Thames, who co-ordinated the making of the mosaic, said: “The finished mosaic, wonderful as it is, is the icing on the cake. The other very important element of this project has been to bring together local residents of all ages to celebrate all that is good about Mortlake.”

Darren Thornton from Mortlake Community Association added: “We are delighted with the outcome of the Mortlake Mosaic. It is the result of the hard work and enthusiasm of local residents of all ages, including school children and it reflects the rich tapestry of this local area.

“We hope many people will come to admire it and that it will become a key part of Mortlake’s landscape.”