The hunt is on for a chess teacher to help children learn how to play the game on Church Street’s very own giant chess board.

The chairman of the Church Street Association and director of Crusader Travel, Bruce Lyons, is looking for a chess master, or just an enthusiastic player, who would like to teach youngsters to play on a Saturday or Sunday.

The chess set became synonymous with the area in 1998, after a match between police and firemen at the first Twickenham Festival created a huge stir.

Shona Lyons from Crusader Travel said: “As the years have gone by, we regularly repaint and refresh the boards and replace the occasional stray chess piece.

“Young children, and especially the tiny tots, enjoy it as the pieces are their size and very light, so easily moved around the board, which seems to keep them entertained for hours while their parents enjoy a glass of wine and a meal at Pinchos.

“When the schools close many of the kids from Orleans pass by and some of them play but the majority kick it around a bit due perhaps to their frustration at not being able to play.”