Reports of the negative effect Olympic events have had on businesses have been high profile, but a number of businesses in Richmond reported great results from the recent road races.

As crowds made their way up Richmond Hill, toward Richmond Park, a quick coffee here and a cheeky treat there resulted in a huge increase in sales for some stores.

Frank Raymond Nash, owner of Spiral Cafe in Richmond Hill, said he sold more coffee in the morning of the men’s road race than he normally did in a month.

Mr Nash was running the cafe single-handedly “but still with a smile” throughout the morning and had to put out extra tables and chairs as a queue of people began to form outside the front door.

Mr Nash said: “Usually I have nobody before noon, but today I have already had 50, maybe more.

“People were queuing to get in and I had to put out extra tables and chairs.”

Mr Nash also said he believed the road should always be closed to cars as it would increase his business.

Also along Richmond Hill, Anna Boutique, which sells high-end ladies fashion saw a huge increase in customers over the weekend.

Elana Solomon manages the shop during the summer, while the owner holidays in Italy, with help from her sister Dina Solomon.

Elana said Saturday is busy anyway, but July 28 was even busier than usual.

She said: “It's still a lot if regular customers, but also the event has pulled people in from outer areas too. It's really positive. Tuesday was busy too when the torch was here.”

The sisters watched the race as it went along Petersham Road and said they were rooting for a number of athletes as they were half Israeli, half French, but also still supported Great Britain too.