Fans expecting to turn up at Richmond Theatre on Sunday evening expecting to chat all things cricket with Henry Blofeld OBE and Peter Baxter, might be in for a surprise.

The legendary Test Match Special (TMS) pair – in their Memories of Test Match Special show – will not be casting judgement on cricket stars of today and yesteryear or rating their favourite moments from the game.

What is on the menu is a two-hour ad-lib peak behind the scenes at what has made TMS the nations favourite for the past 40 years.

Blofeld, 72, has been a virtual ever present on the programme in that time and for him the material just rolls off the tongue.

“I guess it is a little like commentating on match in the way nothing is scripted," says Blofeld in his inimitable dulcet tones.

“It is not about cricket as such, it is about all the funny stories associated with the various people that have worked on the programme over the years.

“We know when the show starts and when it finishes and everything in between is just off the cuff using the stories we know work best.

“Test Match Special is as much fun to be part of in the commentary box as most people seem to think it is to listen to.

“Backers produced the show for 34 years, for all of which he was my boss.

“He brings the ‘behind-the-scenes’ adventures he had in the production process to join my in-front-of-the-microphone stories and high jinks.  

“Backers had better watch it as he is no longer my boss.”

Blofeld is no stranger to Richmond, having brought his one-man show to the theatre in the past, and he is looking forward to reacquainting himself with familiar territory.

“I always love playing at Richmond,” he adds.

“We had about 600 people in for the last show I did there and it was lovely. We had great fun then and I'm looking forward to more this time.”

Richmond Theatre, 7.30pm, July 22, The Green, Richmond TW9 1LX.

Box office 0844 8717627. Visit Tickets cost £19.50.