An Olympic torch bearer has said she will run in honour of her family when she carries the iconic flame through the borough next week.

Angela Wilson, 48, from Hampton, was selected because of her tireless work looking after others.

She has provided much needed care to her sister and niece, who both have special educational needs, along with her nephew after she rescued them from extreme hardship on a council estate in Hayes.

She has also found time to volunteer at St Mary’s and St Peter’s school, in Teddington.

The carer now hopes to use the profile of the Olympic torch relay to promote issues close to her heart.

She said: “I feel very fortunate, honoured and humble to have been chosen to carry the Olympic torch.

“I will be carrying the torch for the many inspiring and outstanding carers in the UK, all of whom are principally interested in improving the life chances of others.

“I will carry it for my sister, my niece and nephew; the family which I care for. I will carry it for all of the great people in the borough who help to care for families. I will carry it for all those in education who support children with special needs, and for those children themselves.”

Torchbearers will carry the flame through the borough after it arrives from Kingston at 9.45am, on Tuesday, July 24.

The runners will pass through north Ham and Richmond before getting to Kew at about 11am.  

Councillor Nicola Urquhart, cabinet member for adult services, health and housing at Richmond Council, said: “Angela Wilson is a great example of some of the amazing things that residents of our borough do every day. 

“Her commitment to her family and her passion for caring shows what we can all do when confronted with adversity. It will be an honour to watch her and the other Olympic torchbearers carry the flame through Richmond.”

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