Eight Barnes schoolboys have had a chance to show off their dancing skills in an innovative new project aimed at engaging youngsters through dance.

The Barnes Primary School students, who have now formed a dance troop called D force, worked with dance choreographer Jeanefer Jean-Charles ahead of a live performance at Richmond Park Academy, on Monday, June 25.

The scheme, Tomorrow’s Men, was made possible thanks to funding from Richmond's Narrowing the Gap fund.

Ms Jean-Charles said: “It was great. The eight boys chosen to do the project were ecstatic because they felt special and the classes took place during their school day.

“I am really pleased to hear from parents and staff that the boys are happy and it is making a difference in their learning.”

She added: “It is evident that boys, when they do get involved, get a lot out of dance. Often boys shy away from saying how they feel and can bottle up a lot of emotions.

“While Tomorrow's Men is not therapy for boys, it does encourage participants to get more verbal by articulating their learning through creative tasks.“

The professional choreographer who specialises in mass choreography and is currently working as a mass movement co-ordinator on all four of the London 2012 ceremonies, said that through dance young boys could be inspired, enthused and energised.

For details visit tomorrowsmen.co.uk.