It was not all serious private information leaked due to careless document disposal – there was also a much lighter side to found documents.

In one pile of papers there were various shopping lists, complete with details of special offers, which raised the question was it Dr Cable himself, or a member of his staff, who has the penchant for “perfectly ripe white nectarines”.

And among other amusing details gained from discarded trash was an insight into the types of mail MPs regularly receive.

One letter, sent from a voter in Somerset, included a jokey song with the lyrics “All the news and all the screws. All of the usual right-wing views. Stick with the Telegraph and Sun, Sun, Sun.”

And another, sent anonymously, shows a picture of the Business Secretary wearing his famous hat under a request for him to step down from his political position. The text reads: “Thanks for wasting our money then blaming journalist for doing their jobs properly. People losing their jobs, houses everything and you cost us £300k.


There was also evidence of Cable enjoying chocolate branded with his own face, the discarding of a £2 cheque from a supporter, requests for him to return borrowed tango CDs and a notice informing him he was due to be included in the Marquis Who’s Who in the World publication 2011.