The Business Secretary’s diary of appointments is laid bare in the discarded documents – posing serious security concerns if it fell into the wrong hands.

Dr Cable’s ministerial engagements for 2011 were among the papers, revealing the exact times and locations.

Dr Cable has access to the highest levels of Government in his role as a cabinet minister and his appointments this year included Downing Street meetings with Chancellor George Osborne, other senior MPs and foreign dignitaries.

The diary reveals the airports, departure times and flight numbers for his trips abroad, along with details of his train journeys across the country. It also shows the name and contact number for his personal driver on each day, along with the make and number plate of the car.

The personal schedule includes future appointments for the next month, up until December 4, and shows when the Liberal Democrats are running a three-line whip on debates.

The diary also provides an insight into the more glamorous side to the Twickenham MP’s ministerial life, with a string of black tie events and receptions where he was guest speaker.

He was due to attend the Oxford and Cambridge Club discussion dinner, in Pall Mall, on July 19 this year and an entry for a Privy Council meeting, at Buckingham Palace, in the same month reminds him to take photo identification.

He was also invited to Buckingham Palace again the following day for the Queen’s Awards.

Painter Henry Mee was due to visit him in March and May this year for his portrait.

Other appointments include press lunches with Matthew d’Ancona, political columnist at the Sunday Telegraph, on July 11 this year, and with Alan Rusbridger, editor of the Guardian, three days later.

He was scheduled to hold a meeting last month to discuss a biography of his cabinet colleague Mr Osborne.

Despite his busy schedule his diary shows his commitment to his constituency work, noting a coffee morning with sheltered housing residents at Robert Black House, in Hampton Wick, during the summer, among other engagements.