TESCO has been accused of continuing to make deliveries at blackout times and parking in a bus stop in St Margarets despite a recent agreement between the company and Richmond upon Thames Council.

Lorries parking outside Tesco on the Broadway during rush hour were said to be causing problems and blocking nearby roads.

Following a meeting with the council Tesco agreed that it would ensure no deliveries took place between 8am and 9am, the busiest bus stop time, it is claimed.

And no deliveries are planned after approximately 2pm so there will be no impact on the bus stop in the evening peak.

A website set up for residents to log times of deliveries to the nearby store has shown pictures of lorries parked at times outside these hours and in the bus stop.

Nigel Cannings of Amyand Park Road said: "Tesco are ignoring it (the agreement) and the council aren't enforcing it.

"Given the profit the council makes from parking fines each year, it would seem a good use of the money to have a parking warden drop past Tesco in St Margarets and the other stores in the borough, every 15 minutes to enforce the restrictions they seem so very keen on the rest of us obeying.

"I would urge local residents to report any loading outside Tesco which is not at these times, or which takes place from inappropriate vehicles.

"They should also look out for people who are parking in the bus stop while they 'pop' into the store - all of them are blocking the bus stop and creating unneeded traffic congestion."

Tesco are aware of some transgressions but maintain that deliveries are never going to be to the minute.

Richard Anderson, corporate affairs manager, said: "Feedback says that we have pretty much always kept to the times specified but it is concerning if residents are saying otherwise.

"We are aware that we are doing a pretty good job but I will speak to the distribution department and endeavour to get things back on track.

"Everyone has been working hard but we apologise if we have not always stuck to this."

Richmond council has been monitoring deliveries throughout the borough and feedback has been received from the public.

However, the council is not coming to any conclusions until it meets with Tesco to discuss the success of the new delivery times over the last four weeks.

A spokesperson said: "If any deliveries are outside the conditions agreed at the last meeting in January, officers have been carrying out the usual enforcement.

"At some sites we are working with Tesco to seek out possible longer term solutions which will help management on March 1 to review the success so far of the new conditions agreed."

Anyone wishing to log times of deliveries in St Margarets can text STM and then a message to 07900 435322.