A tatty old Christmas tree was spotted outside a multi-million pound property near Britain's most famous gardens.

The brown and decrepit tree was dumped on a pavement ten months after the Christmas celebrations finished last year.

The sad-looking festive decoration was spotted by a tourist opposite Kew Gardens, last Saturday afternoon.

Gavin O'Mally-Richardson, who stumbled across the shrivelled tree on a day-trip to the capital, saw the dead tree in a posh road, in which properties cam reach up to £4.8 million.

He posted a picture on social media with the caption, "still good for a few more months I reckon..."

Gavin added: "It was even sat outside a £5 million property in Kew Road."

One Facebook user, Mem Omer, wrote: "Gets earlier and earlier every year."

Ritchie Emery, another user, posted: "Spray paint it green and use it again."

Elizabeth Fong said: "They sure know how to take care of plants at Kew."