The travellers moved on from Old Deer Park have set up in Rosebine Car Park in Twickenham.

They were camped in Old Deer Park since Tuesday, September 5, until being moved along by police on Thursday night.

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Police reported they “moved on peacefully” but council officers “found considerable rubbish and debris left on the site”.

Officers made arrangements for the waste to be removed, the area to be cleaned and the grass to be repaired.

However, the 17 caravans and other vehicles are now parked illegally in Rosebine Car Park, which is private property owned by the RFU.

Cllr Pamela Fleming, Richmond Council Cabinet Member for the Environment, Business and Community, said: “Richmond Council does not tolerate anyone who illegally accesses our parks and when people do – we take swift, decisive action.

“Officers with the support of the police visited the park on Wednesday September 6 to give the travellers verbal notice under the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 to leave the site within 24 hours, as they failed to comply with this notice, the police used their powers under the same legislation to move the travellers on.

“Unfortunately they have now moved onto private property in Twickenham.

“We have offered our support to the RFU to ensure that they move on.”