Parents of children attending Thomas’s Battersea are coughing up more than £340 for “essential” kit, it has been revealed.

Prince George arrived at the school in Battersea High Street today, clutching the Duke of Cambridge’s hand as he met the head of lower school, Helen Haslem.

The four-year-old prince is one of 560 other pupils at the £17,604-per-year school.

But after looking at the school’s guide, it costs a total of £383.70 for a year’s gear, which includes a hat, scarf and cagoule.

For the “essential” uniform, it’s £340.70.

Richmond and Twickenham Times:

Richard Pohle/The Times/PA Wire

It includes an art smock, pair of dance shoes and sun hat.

Here is the full run-down:



Thomas’s navy jacket = £36

Thomas’s navy v-neck jersey = £25

Two red polo necks = £10 each

One or two navy bermudas = £9 each

Two or three pairs of long red or navy socks = £14 each

One pair of black polishable shoes = £44


Two short-sleeved light blue shirts = £22 for a pack

Three pairs = £5

One white sun hat = £6


One Thomas’s navy tracksuit = £24

One white t-shirt = £6

One house coloured t-shirt = £7

One pair of navy games or gym shorts = £3

Two pairs of white sport socks = £4.50

One pair of trainers (laceless, not plimsolls) = £7


One red art smock = £30


One navy cloth gym bag or games bag = £9

One Thomas’s rucksack = £13


Ballet socks = £4.25

Ballet shoes = £10.95

TOTAL = £340.70



One pair of navy gloves = £7

One navy hat = £7

One navy scarf = £7


One Thomas’s cagoule = £22

TOTAL: £43

The cheapest item is a pair of navy gym shorts, which are £3, and pupils are expected to carry an official rucksack which costs £13.

Shoes must be black, polishable and laceless.

All of the uniform can be found at John Lewis.

How does these costs compare with what you've forked out for your kids' uniforms this year? Add your comments below.